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Our Qualitative Research Methods include:

Focus Groups

Discussions conducted with groups of 8 - 12 individuals. These sessions are usually run over a 2 hour period and held in central viewing facilities to allow for easy viewing. These sessions help illuminate respondent's attitudes towards topics such as new services or products and advertising and create a lively and creative forum for group interaction.

Mini Groups
These sessions are usually comprised of 3-4 individuals. They enable greater levels of in-depth understanding of individual's attitudes and beliefs, and yet still provide a forum for stimulating and creative group discussion.

In-depth Interviews
One-on-one interviews are typically recommended when in-depth information is desired or where respondents are geographically disperse. They are also the best option for sensitive topics where respondents may be hesitant to share within a group context. In-depth interviews are also often the method of choice for interviewing very senior executives.

Global research can be a challenging task, and one that requires more than just local marketplace knowledge. An understanding of how to apply the best qualitative methods and techniques in a culturally sensitive way and yet still allow for the comparison of results across markets is fundamental to data quality and your project success.

Behavioral Insights carefully considers screening criteria, geographical coverage, data collection methods, and length of interviews to allow for cultural differences. We have a team of trusted researchers across the globe - bringing you the best local moderators in each country, highly trained simultaneous translators and facilities to meet your research needs.


Areas of Specialization

Positioning and Messaging
Consumer Wants and Needs
Brand Attitudes
Advertising Testing
Naming Studies
Package Testing
New Product Testing and Development
Customer Win/Loss Studies
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