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Our Mission is to
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intelligent, creative global

Now, more than ever pharmaceutical manufacturers must have quality market information they can relay on to make key decisions and identify true market opportunities.

The explosion in biotechnology, delivery systems technology and the evolving roles that consumers’ play in decision-making have accelerated the pace of change in the industry, and increased the complexity of the global competitive playing field.

The industry specialists at Behavioral insights have years of experience conducting pharmaceutical market research across in product/drug testing, packaging research, medical device development/testing across diverse cultures.

Here are just a few of constituencies we have experience researching:

• Neurologists
• Psychiatrists
• Pharmacists
• Geriatricians
• Internal Medicine Specialists
• Oncologists
• Cardiologists
• Diabetologists
• Nurses/Nurse Educators
• Patients

Highest Quality Pharmaceutical Moderators

Conducting high-quality qualitative research requires utilizing moderators with a unique depth of medical understanding and a practical working knowledge of medical terminology. Behavioral Insights has a strong global team of pharmaceutical moderators that will help you access and understand the nuances of your global marketplace. Our network of moderators has been developed over a number of years working closely with these professionals for our pharmaceutical clients. In most cases our moderators have medical qualifications in addition to having moderated for many years, making them uniquely suited to uncover the true insights you need.

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